Content is king, but engagement rules. Engaging people with brand content through social media is priority number one for lead generation.

Your Message

Can your customers describe your product or service in one sentence? What makes your brand special in the eyes of others. Give your prospective customers the information they need to clearly understand why you're awesome.

Your Prospects

Help your prospects develop a deeper relationship with your brand by seamlessly integrating content, social media and email marketing for consistent messaging across channels. Personalize your content through segmentation, account type and persona.

Your Market

What is the problem you're solving and why is it important to prospective customers. Help people see and feel the problem they are facing and they'll be able to engage with you.

Choose A Customer Engagement Package

Website Pack

  • The Website Pack provides you with a 3 page WordPress website that includes colorful stock images
  • We'll make your site unique by customizing your WordPress template using different colors and fonts
  • Up and running in 5 days, you can start marketing your new website by incorporating simple and effective call to action landing pages that collect leads
  • Your new site will be a dynamic business tool through the use of plug-in accelerators that increases your website’s functionality to engage prospects
  • Our intuitive, do-it-yourself WordPress content management system allows you to update or change your site’s content without the need or expense of a programmer
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Plus Pack

  • The Plus Pack is ideal for consultants and entrepreneurial companies that want to build targeted campaigns with specific prospects or a target market
  • Transform your consultancy, create an endless stream of prospects that come to you versus you having to go find them
  • Through a hands on approach, we'll optimize your sales and marketing efforts to drive revenue with email lead nurturing campaigns relevant to your prospects
  • Then we'll work together to create landing pages that targets your high valued prospects with special offers that helps you acquire new customers
  • Together we'll implement a social selling process that eliminates the need for cold calling
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Pro Pack

  • The Pro Pack is ideal for small to medium size companies wanting a managed turn-key content and social media marketing lead generation program
  • We start with developing your Campaign Strategy to track leads and convert prospects through Keywords, content development, and social media
  • Proceeded by proactive and branded email campaigns that continue to develop and nurture new prospect relationships through personalized content, segmentation, and the development of customer type and persona.
  • To accelerate the buying process, we'll work together to produced a monthly on-line event positioned to get your company maximum exposure
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We have collected all of the necessary tools for effective learning. Here you can find high quality free and paid programs to inexpensively increase your business and technical skills.

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